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Compliance & Peace of Mind – Convenient, Online, Real Time Lifting Gear Inspection Records

It goes without saying that one of the greatest hazards in the workplace involves the lifting and movement of awkward and heavy loads.

That’s why it is so important to manage lifting in the workplace diligently. Health and safety risks need to be managed and ongoing compliance is required with the rigorous legal regulations developed to maximise the safe operation of equipment in the workplace on every single piece of lifting equipment!

These regulations include are the LOLER – Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).

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Convenient Online, Real Time Lifting Gear Inspection Records

The complexity and scale of a wide range of lifting equipment assets can present an onerous practical to companies without sufficient resource and expertise to manage the inspection and compliance process.

Maintaining, tracking and auditing large lifting gear asset registers and maintaining legal compliance is not the most straightforward of tasks especially when individual pieces of equipment need to be inspected at varying intervals across different time periods.

This is particularly true when companies are required to know the state of readiness for every single item in its lifting equipment inventory ranging from “in use” to “in repair and maintenance” or “withdrawn from use”.

That’s where Lifting Gear Services and be of great help to a business. Simply leave the time consuming management of hundreds of items of lifting gear to use and we’ll ensure that you know the “readiness” of every single piece of lifting equipment that you own.

OnSiteForm Inspection System

OnSiteForm is a completely mobile web-based asset management system which requires no database set-up, special software, maintenance or training that provides a fully searchable easy to use database.

OnSiteForm provides audit scheduling, a clear picture of equipment serviceability on site, allows quick and accurate access to inspection records and comprehensive audit trail functionality

Users Love It

OnSiteForm provides a more cost effective “paperless” management system that improves their productivity and releases valuable management time to help clients develop other aspects of their business.

When we show clients how OnSiteForm works they can immediately grasp the simplicity and power of its use on tablets and smart phones. Then they see past that and come to appreciate the benefits of having a system which provides an early warning that flags up when lifting tackle is due for inspection,  a safer colour coded process that means that equipment is not put into service accidentally and an aid to planned refurbishment and replacement.

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